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Tips for downsizing

Perhaps your youngest has actually (finally!) gone away to college, and you have found yourself with far more space than you truly need. Or possibly you wish to minimize your way of living and reduce your carbon footprint. Whatever your reasons for scaling down, you can rest assured that moving into a smaller space does not have to cramp your style. Making a much more moderate space fit your needs doesn't need to be challenging. You can really maximize a small space with clever design and mindful planning. These ideas can help you make the change with ease.


Determine your needs

Prior to organizing your things for the move, determine your needs. Consider your way of living as well as what things you will require to sustain your lifestyle. Recognize what resources you will definitely need as you progress. If you have plenty of photos and various other sentimental things, consider methods to preserve these items for your children and grandkids. Perhaps you can upload old photos to a shared family website or account.

Do away with rarely used things

It can be difficult to get rid of things-- even if you never use them. Nevertheless, change is good!. Downsizing your possessions can also simplify your life. If you have things that still have a great deal of life left in them, you may try providing them to a charity, family member or friend. Finding a new home for your things will make it much easier to say goodbye to them. You can also attempt to sell any items that might be valuable.

Smart storage solutions

Having less square footage does not mean that you will need to do away with everything you own. You simply have to be clever about how you organize your space. There are several storage solutions that can help you maximize your space - no matter how little it is. Perhaps you can mount your television on the wall to give you more floor space. Storage ottomans are great to use as seating options as well as providing extra storage. Also, built-in cabinets are excellent solutions for smaller spaces.


Prior to moving furniture and various other large items, measure the space to ensure that they will fit. Also, measure just how much closet, cupboard, and cabinet space will be available for use. You can utilize these measurements as a guide prior to moving your belongings into the new home. This easy step will save you the inconvenience of getting rid of belongings that you don't have space for once you have already moved.

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