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Don't make these mistakes when showing your home

Updated: Jan 7, 2020

There are many steps that should be taken to properly stage a home, and some sellers can quickly become overwhelmed by all of the suggestions and steps they have been told to follow. It might be okay to skip a few of the steps to save time or money when staging a home, however, there are some mistakes that could result in a negative outcome for the homeowners.

Leaving personal hygiene items Out

A common tip relates to keeping all personal items out of sight. The reason for this is to ensure that homebuyers can picture themselves living in the home as opposed to feeling as though they are in somebody else's home. Nevertheless, some homeowners will leave personal hygiene products out, such as a razor, shampoo, toothbrushes and also various other items. These are very personal items that can quickly make a potential buyer uncomfortable while walking through the home.

Allowing controversial things to be seen

Additionally,, some homeowners will leave controversial things out, and these can easily distract, irritate or even anger a buyer if the items are controversial enough. Homebuyers ought to feel welcome in a home and should leave without any adverse feelings. Every little thing from posters to magnets that could be even slightly tainted with controversy ought to be removed.

Leaving valuable things in plain sight

For homeowners that have some valuable possessions, it might be best to store these away or to remove them completely from the home. Remember that buyers will be negotiating with sellers at the very least once and frequently numerous times throughout the process, and the last thing a seller wants is for the potential buyer to get the impression that the seller can afford to make concessions and to negotiate even more.

Keeping cupboards and closets cluttered

Cupboards and closets are common storage spaces that are used to conceal much of the clutter that many people keep on dressers, desks or counters when staging a home, however, storing things in these places can backfire. Potential buyers will open cupboards and closets to evaluate storage space, and a home can seem to be lacking in storage when these areas are cluttered with items.

Effectively staging a home is an essential step to take to prepare a home for the market. A real estate professional can provide a homeowner with staging tips and pointers tailored to their home. Think about setting up an appointment with your trusted real estate professional to go over staging ideas and make a plan together.

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