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First Impressions

First impressions really do matter when you're selling your home. Curb appeal is what attracts possible buyers to your residence. It can make or break a sale.

Attractive landscaping or an enticing entryway can establish whether buyers walk through your front door or not. If the outside of your home is improperly maintained, they most likely will not bother to check out the inside of your home.

You don't need to have a big spending plan or tons of time to make the exterior of your home look appealing. Below are some simple outdoor tasks that will certainly help you market your home.

# 1 Eliminate clutter

Eliminating clutter as well as any rubbish in your yard is among the easiest and least expensive things that you can do to make your house look better. Pretend that you are a home buyer yourself. Walk around your residence and look for things that would appear as clutter if you were at someone else's home. Pick up any kind of plastic, paper, branches or various other waste that has made its way into your yard. Get rid of trash bins, skateboards, bikes as well as garden and yard tools.

# 2 Tidy up the landscaping

The last thing that you want is for potential buyers to pull up to your home and see an overgrown yard that is littered with weeds. Once your home is actually on the market it is essential to maintain the lawn by keeping the grass and shrubs trimmed. Prune any overgrown bushes and trim hedges. Weed and water your garden regularly. Include a layer of mulch to any flower beds, as well. Sweep away any dead fallen leaves or small branches.

# 3 Paint the exterior

Repainting your exterior doesn't set you back a lot of money and it can definitely boost the value of your home a fair bit. It is particularly important if your existing trim or front door have peeling paint. Adding a brand-new coat of paint can be done over a weekend in many cases.

# 4 Update lighting

If you have old or damaged exterior lighting, think about updating it. Updating fixtures does not take much time or money and can provide your home with a quick facelift. And also, exterior lighting is an excellent safety and security measure that many buyers will value and appreciate.

# 5 Replace Broken Fixtures

Take a good look at your door hardware, doorbell, address numbers, mailbox as well as other outdoor fixtures. Do they look worn or old? Are they damaged? If the answer to either of these questions is yes, then it is time to fix these things. Brushed nickel or bronze are both great exterior finishes. They look equally well in both contemporary as well as traditional homes.

Keep in mind, it can also be an excellent idea to have your trusted real estate expert take a look and provide you their ideas and suggestions on how you can maximize the sales price on your home. They have years of experience and will most likely have the ability to discover opportunities that an owner might overlook.

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